Hodge Podge

I actually don’t read too many blogs.  Kind of hypocritical of me, considering how badly I want people to read mine.  But let’s move on to my point.

So…my point.  My point with this post is to say that I don’t really have one.  Of the very few blogs I read, the thing I look for is that they are consistent.  I know what to expect: good recipes with fun commentary, hilarious lessons from life as a mom, book reviews.  THEY have a point.  And this is my official post to say, “You won’t find that here.”

I’ve tried to nail down my blog’s focus.  What am I talking about to the cybervoid?  Who am I talking to?  (To whom am I talking, if I’m talking to the grammar police.)  I’ve come to the conclusion that this is going to be the one place (besides my underwear drawer, but maybe that’s t.m.i.) where things are disorganized.  Some might complain about it being “hit or miss” or “scattered” but I’m going to term it “eclectic.”

The thing is, I’m at a place in life where I feel shallow.  I used to sit and think all sorts of deep thoughts.  I used to read all kinds of convoluted plots.  I used to write without using “I” to start three sentences in a row.  Most days now I’m not sitting at all and my thoughts are about whether I will remember to take the meat out of the freezer to defrost it.  Plots these days consist of “Will the toddler take a nap or not?”  Nail biter, chapter-turners.  Now, piteously, my writing is readable mostly thanks to trusty old spell-check.  Shallow, all of it.

But is it?  Maybe my thoughts are shallow.  Maybe my body is lazy (or just tired all the time.)  But my heart is deep, busy loving a household of big and little people.  And I guess at this point, that’s all that matters.

So when you read (or skim – I know you’re out there) my random blog posts and wonder why I’m rabbit-trailing again, or give up because I’m too “all over the place,” just chalk it up to a shallow head and a deep heart.  That means I have a lot to share but not really, which means my blog posts are not consistent or focused, which means my own blog is not on my short list of blogs I read.   Bummer.