Ambitions and Excuses

So my New Year’s resolution this year was to not be lazy.  I’m not lazy in the “just sit around all day” sense.  It’s just that in the last couple years, I’ve had this huge urge to make stuff, create stuff, learn stuff, and try stuff.  I don’t know if this is a product of my age (mid-life crisis, anyone?), poking around books and blogs, or a mature realization that I know nothing about anything.  Or an insane, unfounded security that I can just do whatever I put my mind to.  (Which is ridiculous.  I’m not a millennial.)

These project ideas have been flumping around in my head for quite awhile and the total resulting action on my part has been: nothing.

Ambition has never been my strong suit, but I think six months in America hearing the Home Depot commercials (“Let’s do this.”) really affected me.  I’m ready to get these things done.

Here is my list of things I’d love to try my hand at:
– Make raised beds and grow herbs and vegetables.  Edible ones, preferably, not the spindly, non-producing kind from my scattered past gardening experiences.

– Can the fruits and vegetables of my labor and sometimes make fruit leather, which will take me all day and be gone five minutes after the kids get home from school.

– Make a terrarium.  Despite the fact that I’m not precise and detailed with my hands, nor do I have ANY success with indoor plants.  At all.  It doesn’t have to last long, I just want to make it.

– Make a dollhouse for my girls.  Design it first, of course.  No, I don’t have a jig saw.  Those cost money.  Besides, if you knew me, you’d know that that is the least of my obstacles at this point.

– Sew reusable shopping bags and fabric “ziploc” bags (like these).  No, I don’t have a sewing machine here.  My last sewing project was a hand-sewn stuffed animal for my son.  IMG_0615

Stop laughing.  I probably could have centered the nose if I’d wanted to.  I meant to do that.  Definitely.

– Paint pictures on canvas for the girls’ room.  Inspired by here.  I did try this already with my mom in America.  It may take a few more practice attempts. (“May” and “few” are underexaggerations.)

IMG_0616– Paint my almost-sanded coffee table and stain the homemade bookshelf.  In fact, I want to stain and paint lots of stuff but I need to find a super cheap place to get old wooden furniture.  And I need to learn how, too, but that’s not such a pressing need as getting the actual pieces.  IMG_0617

– Write a novel.  Even though my attention span is more on the lines of a short story.  Or just a one-liner joke.

You can start placing bets on how much of this I will ever actually do (or attempt).  One out of eight wouldn’t be bad.  It would at least be less lazy than last year.


6 thoughts on “Ambitions and Excuses

  1. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for ages. I finally set August’s birthday as my goal. I’ve cut 27 squares- almost there, right?

  2. Well, I personally think that your handsewn animal (dog? bunny?) is awesome. I think you’ll do at least three things. At least. But probably more.

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