Do you ever have a phrase from someone that rings in your head at certain points?  Something someone said to you that just permeated your inner workings and won’t go away?

I have lots of these “pop-ups.”

Every single time I prepare raw chicken breasts, I hear my cooking friend’s tsk-tsk, “Andra, you’re cutting the best part of the chicken off!  That fat will cook off and the tenderloin is the most tender part!”

Every single time I trim strawberries, my frugal friend’s tsk-tsk, “Andra, you’re cutting half the strawberry off!”  (Does it seem like I get a lot of tsking for my cutting skills? I thought so, too.  Beside the point that they were all right.  I hack clumsily and waste.)

Every single time a car brakes in front of me, I hear my older brother’s advice from when I had my driving permit, “It’s best to brake when the car in front of you brakes.”

Every single time I finish washing up the dishes in the evening, I hear my mom’s “Sending my daughter off to college” voice, “I wash my towels and washcloths every day.”

Sometimes it’s advice, sometimes it’s criticism, sometimes it’s a funny joke.  But the voices of family and friends cling to me – at odd times and in odd ways.

When it happens so often, it starts to make me smile.  It reminds me of a time when I was with that person, a happy day when we cooked together, drove together, planned together, talked together.

What doesn’t make me smile, what makes me cringe and shudder, is wondering what I’ve said that other people have stuck in their heads…


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