Why I Make Lists

I’m a list-maker.  I know there are a lot of us out there, but for those of you who just don’t get it, let me fill you in on the types of things that I need written down to remember.

  • What time I’m supposed to pick my son up from school.
  • Get a babysitter for date night.
  • Lock the door.
  • Pack underwear for our trip.
  • Children’s social security numbers.
  • Buy diapers.
  • Pack my son’s snack for school.
  • Buy Christmas presents.
  • Family birth dates. (I’m talking about  my own children.  Dead serious.)

And last but not least, the password for my blog account.  Which didn’t make it on the list.  Which is why I’m starting fresh today.  This time around, I wrote it all down so I can access my account again and hopefully I won’t be starting fresh again tomorrow.  If I remember to check my list.


2 thoughts on “Why I Make Lists

  1. About the lists… I am a list maker too, but I would also be lost without the alarm feature on my phone! Things like what time to pick up the kids from school absolutely must be alarmed or I would get lost in whatever I happened to be doing at the time and forget to pick them up until they called me crying.
    As far as the lists themselves go- long ago I had a drawer full of unused beautiful notebooks (you know the kind, beautiful hardback cover with pretty paper inside) that I was too scared to use because what if my handwriting stinks, or the thoughts aren’t expressed in elegant words. Then one day I decided I need to keep all my lists together so I don’t lose them and I let go of my perfectionism and used one of my notebooks to start lists in. It has been wonderful. No longer do I lose my lists but also when I need to take them out of the house it looks so much nicer to grab a pretty notebook than an a scrap of paper. (of course this doesn’t mean I don’t still love my post-its, and have them everywhere too)

    • I LOVE the pretty notebook idea! Sometimes my lists get blown off the bar by the whoosh of running kids. They fall into the sink or onto the floor and it’s nearly the equivalent of having your computer hard drive erased. My kids know, whatever they do, it’s a very bad thing to damage Mom’s List!! I may have to go shopping for a cute little notebook. If my list is like my brain, the notebook would be like having a pretty face, right?

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